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02Days Amantani Island + Uros & Taquile




DAY 01: PUNO – UROS & AMANTANI ISLAND: A driver and guide will pick you up from your hotel and take you until main port. A boat ride of 25 minutes to the Island of Uros. Fishermen and hunters inhabit the floating islands of Uros. The residents of the Uros use the totora reed (aquatic plant) that grows in the lake, to create life conditions and ensure that the islands stay afloat. The dense roots that generate these plants support the island. The Uros use the totora reed to build their islands, houses, for cooking, eating, and to sale in the city of Puno, besides to barter (exchange) with products such as quinoa, potatoes, barley and wool. This culture appeared over 3000 years ago and the people have spoken as a language Uro puquina, the last person who still spoke the Uru Puquina language died in 1951, now a day the population speak Aimara Language. On Uros live more than 2000 people, divided into 80 artificial islands built with totora reeds, where reed boats (balsa) are the unique method of transportation which is also used for fishing. Then a trip to Amantani Island is located 41 km away from Puno, (03:15 hours by regular boat), (02:15 hours by semifast boat), (01:20 hours by speedboat), where live 4000 people. Year after year the inhabitants of Amantani Island have been struggling for a better quality of life, so this tour has been created to support the people of the island, receiving from them lodging, food and an unforgettable experience in the middle of the Lake Titicaca. Upon arrival to Amantani Island the families will wait and escort you to Amantani Lodge for your homestay as a warm welcome. Then a traditional lunch prepared with local products. In the afternoon hiking up to the top of the Island (4130m) from where you will observe the magnificent sunset on the Titicaca, the highest and navigable lake in the world, and visit the pre Inca temple Pachatata, with more than 3000 years old, built by Pucara and Tiawanaco cultures. Here we have the chance to dinner together with our host family. Overnight at Amantani Lodge.
DAY 02: TAQUILE ISLAND – PUNO: Breakfast included at the Lodge. Then we visit Taquile Island (01 hour by regular boat), (45 minutes by semifast boat) (25 minutes by speed boat), famous for its craft production (declared cultural heritage of humanity), particularly for its beautiful textiles. The people still practice the moral principles of Inca as “Ama Sua” (do not steal) “Ama Quella” (do not be lazy) and “Ama Llulla” (do not lie) that are still used among inhabitants. The island is about 1.5 km wide and 5.7 km length. Taquile Island was a prison during the colonial period, now a day live 2000 people approximately, where people wear a special hat for example regarding the single or married and authorities. On the Island there is a kindergarten, primary and secondary schools. Visiting non-tourist areas you will appreciate the pre Inca temples, tombs and agriculture terraces (built by Pucara culture), its landscapes, traditional farming techniques and their customs. This visit can be tired, because its 565 steps to walk down to the main port, but worth it. Then a return trip to Puno. Transfer from port to hotel.

(Superior service)

02 persons US$402.00 Inclusions: Transport from hotel to port, private luxury speed boat for 02Days, private guide, entrance fees, superior room & all meals on Amantani island, lunch on Taquile island, mineral water and wine in cooler, transport from port to hotel.
03 persons US$280.00
04 persons US$220.00
05 persons US$190.00
06 up On request

WHAT IS INCLUDED: The private tour INCLUDES round trip transport for all the group from hotel/port/hotel up to 4 persons, private guide for 02Days, entrance fees Uros Island US$3, entrance fees Taquile Island US$3, entrance fees to Amantani Island US$3, All meals & accommodation on Amantani Island US$45, lunch on Taquile Island US$5, private speed boat for 02Days. Besides pre-trip information + organization and all local taxes. There are no hidden extras in our prices. Our speed boats have 20 & 40 comfortable seats, velocity of 24 knots + GPS + radio communication + night navigation lights + compass + oxygen & first aid kit + life jackets + toilet + Carpeted floor + panoramic windows + cooler.



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