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  • Travel to Lake Titicaca

    ROUTE OF CATAMARANS & SPEED BOATS IN LAKE TITICACA AREA . General Information of Perú Peru is a country full of color and mixture of cultures in which history and modernity coexist in total harmony in its architecture, cuisine, arts but most importantly, in its people who keep traditions alive. The Inca Empire was so large that it reached the current countries of Ecuador, Colombia, Chile, Bolivia and Argentina, and had Cuzco in Peru as its capital city. The Empire came to an end with the arrival of the Spanish conquistadors in 1532, who established the vice royalty of Peru, lasting for almost 300 years until 1821 when Peru got its independence, giving birth to the Republican era. The history of Peru is vast and ancient, making it one of the most amazing destinations in the whole continent with a history of over ten thousand years that has made Peru, a country rich in cultural heritage, traditions and mysticism. Currently, Peru shares with the world its magic, from the lost city of Machupicchu – one of the Seven New Wonders of the World – to the floating islands of Uros in Lake Titicaca to the thick green jungles of the Amazon. Peru is a land of mystery and constant discovery, with countless archaeological sites, its enigmatic Nazca Lines which can only be seen from the sky, and the most varied and unforgettable landscapes. Peru is one of the 12 mega-diverse countries in the world; its changing geography, from the desert coast to the jungle, crossing the incredible Andes, shows amazing sceneries that host a large variety of wildlife. Lovers of the outdoors will find much to love about Peru: white capped mountains, dense rainforests, the deepest canyons and a number of pristine, well-kept national parks. Lovers of culture will likewise find themselves right at home because of the well known hospitality of the people and unique museums, historical sites, ancient ruins and fine restaurants that can be found all over Peru. Explore and discover the intensity of Peru with Rumbo Explora, meet the people, experience the adventure, live the traditions, delight your palate, encounter the past, embrace nature, feel the mystery. As Peru is located close to the equator, its geographic position and its tropical location, the presence of the Andes and both the Humboldt and El Niño currents, making to Peru one of the earth’s most ecologically diverse country. Eighty-four of the one hundred and four ecosystems in the world, and twenty-eight of the thirty-two climates on the planet can be found here. Additionally, it is one of the world’s leading countries in terms of variety of species and habitats. Share the post "Travel to Lake Titicaca" FacebookTwitterGoogle+PinterestLinkedInE-mail
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  • Travel Informatión

    TRAVEL INFORMATION TRAVEL INSURANCE: Rumbo Explora EIRL recommends to our customers have travel insurance polices to cover all expenses, in case if a member of the group gets sick, needs hospitalization, emergency evacuation, repatriation or other problems occurring during your holiday. We care of him/her by getting a qualified doctor, but all costs will be covered by the client. This is why we recommend to purchase the travel insurance prior to come to Perú. Please note that Rumbo Explora cannot be held responsible for accidents or any injuries that might occur en route. We do not sell or recommend any specific policy. Please advise your insurer of any pre-existing medical conditions. If you are booking excursions involving high altitude such as Lake Titicaca, Colca canyon or Inca trail trekking, make sure that you are covered for this trip. If you are booking the glacier trekking, or planning on carrying out any other activities make sure that your insurance policy will cover you for these. CANCELLATIONS: If you wish to cancel you holiday-excursion, you must let us know in writing, all passengers are subject to a cancellation fee, which will be charged as follow: FITS: Days before departure when you notify us / Penalty 01 – 10 days prior = 75% of total cost 11 – 20 days prior = 50% of total cost 21 – 30 days prior = 25% of total cost GROUPS: Days before departure when you notify us / Penalty 01 – 10 days prior = 100% of total cost 11 – 20 days prior = 50% of total cost 21 – 30 days prior = 25% of total cost NOTE: Entrance fees to Machupicchu, Huaynapicchu, and Inca Trail, Sacred valley, City Tour, Cusco Churches and others are non-refundable and non-transferrable. RESPONSIBILITIES – IMPORTANT: Rumbo Explora EIRL acts only in the capacity of an AGENT, that while exercising every posible precaution we are not responsible for injury, death, damage, loss, natural disasters, strike, accidental delay or other irregularities which may be caused by negligence acts or omissions on the part of companies or individuals engaged in transportation, accommodation or other services related to the accomplishment of the tour. On trips, a representative of our company will asked you to sign an affidavit which acts as a release form for risks incurred during your excursión, which is a usual practice for some operators. Rumbo Explora reserves the right to adjust or alter any travel programme when necessary for the protection, safety or improvement of the itinerary or when local conditions do not permit operation of the itinerary-program. Also our company reserves the right to accept or refuse any person with physical infirmity, mental condition or general deportment impede the operation of the tour, welfare or tour enjoyment of other tour passengers all at the discretion of Rumbo Explora and/or their agents. We will bring all our experience and expertise to bear and try to ensure that you will have a wonderful and fulfilling travel experience. To fully enjoy the tours programmed, we urge you to be flexible and tolerant especially if travelling outside the major cities, where you will experience different custom and culture. Some hotels, Lodges and guest houses in Sacred Valley, Lake Titicaca, Colca Valley and Puerto Maldonado are located in remote areas where these sites are outstanding and tourism infrastructure is basic, so if you travel those destinations, you must accept that variations to tours, transport, hotels, facilities, food standards and quality of guides may and sometimes do occur. PAYMENTS: All payments are due in full, 30 days before arrival date to Perú. Normally in order to guarantee tour guides, spaces in hotels, train tickets, transport and many other colateral services. Our policy is to pre-pay contracted services before to passenger´s arrival date. FLIGHTS (INVOLUNTARY ITINERARY CHANGES): RUMBO EXPLORA EIRL accepts no responsibility for the consequences of flights missed due to client´s failure, because we have not control over international o national air carriers therefore schedules may change or flights can be delayed or cancelled due to no fault of our own. It is the passenger’s responsibility to telephone or send an e-mail the tour company and/or hotel for the next cities to be visited, advising them of the new arrival date, time and flight, this communication is at the passenger’s expense. Failure to advise the adjusted arrival information may result in “no-show” charges imposed by the local representatives and/or hotels. We will do all we can to ensure the smooth flow of all your transport connections, but is your responsibility to check exact times of flights and confirm these. When you travel with an airline, the conditions of carriage of that airline apply, some of which will limit or exclude liability. These conditions are the subject of International Agreements between countries. Currently airport tax (tasa de embarque) is included in the Plane Ticket in most Peruvian airports. Sometimes it is possible to reserve seats directly with the airline by telephone or online prior to travel. VISAS / PASSPORTS: If you travel to Perú, visa is not necessary for U.S Citizens, UK citizens, Western European nationals, Americans, Canadians, Australians, New Zealanders, South Africans and most other nationalities. If you hold a passport from another country, check with your local consulate or embassy about requirements for travel to Peru. All passengers traveling internationally are required to have a passport. Please carry proper identification on you and do not leave in your suitcase or hotel room. In most of places like airports, train-bus stations, frontier or at any other check points you must to show passport, because some countries have laws that require you to carry your passport with you at all times and anywhere. If you are in any doubt please contact the nearest Peruvian Embassy. TIPPING: Tipping is not included for tour guides, drivers or porters during journeys. We only include tipping for porters at airports, train or bus stations transfers, where certified porters by the proper authorities are located. They are voluntary contributions and […]
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  • Useful Information

    PRECAUTIONS & RECOMMENDATIONS IN PERU . CHEAP TOURS: Be aware with the cheaper prices offered by some tour operators, because they do not pay a fair price to the locals and to you. Perhaps you might find cheaper prices for excursions, but finally you can end paying extra and the local’s receiving less. ¿Why? Because some tour operators hire tour guides in training without experience and not paying them, and the guides are forced to try living of their commissions and therefore abuse of the locals and the travelers that is why the special prices are negotiated by the guide, often not for your own interest. Again you are under no obligation to purchase any items. In addition these tour operators do not pay taxes (18%). In Rumbo Explora we are committed with the environment, the improvement in quality of services and paying a fair price to the locals. IN PUNO & LAKE TITICACA: Not always a cheaper tour means that you will save money. At your visit to Uros reed floating islands, your guide through the local tour operator will take you to an exclusive island, where you will feel obligated to buy souvenirs, you will see the prices are inflated for include the commissions. Do not pay more than S/. 7 soles, for the reed boat ride, nor S/. 60 soles for a big carpet or a handmade embroidery, a higher price might not be fair to you. About restaurants on Taquile Island, be careful in paying higher prices because the tour guide has negotiated the cost of lunch in S/ 25 soles, but islanders complain they were paid normally only S/. 8 soles. The true cost of lunch is PEN S/. 15 soles if bought as part of an all-inclusive package. Ask the guide please give me the entrance fees, perhaps it was not paid. Also people from Amantani Island have reported many abuses for years by some travel operators and tour guides, that did not pay them the official rates for their Home stay services, receiving only PEN S/. 20 soles for 3 meals & accommodations, being the true cost PEN S/. 50 soles, but this situation have solved thanks to the new administration of mayor that is working to make respect their prices and paid in advance or same day of the tour. IN CUSCO, SACRED VALLEY & MACHUPICCHU: If you bought a very cheap tour in Cusco be careful, perhaps there are hidden extras, because some tour guides & tour operators will often take visitors to exclusive shops (artisan markets) and expensive restaurants in Cusco in order to make money from the commissions. We do not recommend you any specific restaurant or store artisan. The group tour to sacred valley relatively is cheap, but the prices of souvenirs and lunch are inflated due to the commissions that the tour guide & driver receive from them. That is why at Rumbo Explora we are working to control this situation and paying our staff (guides & drivers) 10% above the legal wage. All tours arranged by Rumbo Explora will allow you having plenty of time to explore on your own at all places of interest so you can buy any souvenirs wherever you prefer, but if you are interested in some souvenirs ask for a discount, as they might be overpriced. IN AREQUIPA & COLCA CANYON: If excursion to Colca canyon starts from Arequipa or Puno, the minibus will make some stops along the way, for taking pictures or toilet, because they are obligatory stops. But everywhere you will find artisan markets, where you will feel obligated to buy souvenirs you will see the prices are inflated for include the commissions. In chivay the hots pring La Calera is optional, the entrance fees is S/. 10 soles and not S/. 20 soles as the guides say. We at Rumbo Explora are trying hard to control this situation and paying our guides and taxes (18%) properly. But it is necessary the cooperation of the travelers. That is why Rumbo Explora recommends to visitor take precautions with the cheapest tours. TITICACA FAST BOATS IN PUNO – PERÚ: Some local companies tried to copy motor boats, similar to the ones of NAUTICA, offering to the visitors, day tours to Lake Titicaca by speed boats, with a cheaper price by providing a far inferior service and saving on staff costs, boat drivers, taxes and others. The design and building of those boats are from wood and covered with fiberglass, which is not the genuine, the speed is lower (like semi fast boat), not comfortable (narrow seats), sometimes not safe. Those travel companies are not paying to their boat drivers, and they survive from commission that they receive from the islanders, once you buy something or if you consume lunch on Taquile Island, the price will be overrated/overpriced. At Rumbo Explora we included everything in the tour, paying to locals a fair price. Our speed boats have 20 & 40 comfortable seats, Volvo Penta engines + velocity of 22 knots + GPS + radio communication + night navigation lights + compass + oxygen & first aid kit + life jackets + toilet + Carpeted floor + panoramic windows + cooler. Other local companies do not offer this excursion to visitors. LAND TRANSPORTATION IN PUNO – CUSCO – AREQUIPA: Most of the local companies work with regional permits. So if you want to take a private transport from Cusco to Puno, from Arequipa to Colca canyon or from Puno to Colca canyon, perhaps you will have some problems with the Peruvian road police. According the new regulations for tourist transportation in Peru, the companies must to have circulation card of National Scope, issued by the MTC Ministry of Transport Communications of Perú, besides the insurances to all risks. Our land transportation vehicles have 2 types of insurances as Certificate of Statutory Accident Insurance SOAT Transit, besides has vehicle Insurance Policy to all risks in record exclusive for foreign + comfortable seats + […]
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