RATES 2017


The prices INCLUDES 01Night accommodation & breakfast (US$75.40 + US$13.60 sales tax 18%) which is about US$89. Besides pre-trip information + organization and all local taxes. There are no hidden extras in our prices. Yavari Ship has 3 cabins (bedrooms) + 6 bunk beds, 1 single cabin, comfortable seats & table + telephone + night navigation lights + compass + oxygen & first aid kit + life jackets + toilet + panoramic windows + cooler + motor boat port / Yavari / port.
NOTE: If you want to visit the Yavari Museum, there are daily departures as follow: 10:00Hrs, 12:00Hrs, 14:00Hrs, 16:00Hrs.

1 Person US$15 US$149 US$2119
2 – 4 Persons US$15 US$89 US$559
5 – 7 Persons US$15 US$79 US$439
8 – 10 Persons US$15 nd US$289
10 – 14 Persons US$12 nd US$239
15 – 20 Persons US$10 nd US$219
21 + persons US$10 nd US$209

YAVARI STEAMSHIP (MUSEUM SHIP): The Yavarí steamship was built in England in 1862 and Coya steamship in 1892, both ships were transported in pieces from England to Arica Chile (Arica then belonged to Peru) then from Arica to Tacna by train and finally from Tacna to Lake Titicaca (Puno) by mules, crossing the Andes over 4500 masl and more than 2766 pieces. Initially it was thought that it would take 06 months the transport of all Tacna to Puno, but that actually took us 06 years. Today the Yavarí is considered Museum ship and the Coya is tourist restaurant. Thanks to these steamboats the Lake Titicaca earned the name “The highest navigable lake in the world, which sailed between Peru and Bolivia. The Yavarí possess one of the oldest engines of its kind in the world still in operation, thanks to this it is written in the book Guinness World Record.
We offer you the unique experience of sleeping on board this historical ship, anchored in Puno Bay. Bunks in four cabins can accommodate seven guests, who we welcome to enjoy wonderful sunsets and a generous Andean breakfast. The adventure and unique experience will be a highlight of your travels in Peru. The only place to spend the night afloat Lake Titicaca in Peru is on a 150-year-old British gunboat, now a B&B, with a remarkable history.



You can see that in Rumbo Explora we have developed for you tailor-made itineraries with the best price as competitive as possible, providing an excellent service and paying our guides 10% above the legal wage agreed with association of the tour guides – Puno. Our staff are some of the best paid in Puno & Lake Titicaca, which allows us to attract only the Best Tour Guides, Motor Boats and Land Transportation with national permit, to none other local company, that can only provide a cheaper price by providing a far inferior service and saving on staff costs, ¿How? Hiring tour guides in training without experience and not paying them, besides avoiding taxes to government.
Big Travel companies from Europe, North America, Australia and others work with the Peruvian Tour Operators located in Lima-Peru, who work as middlemen receiving from them good prices from the Tours & Packages, and paying to us 40 to 50% minor the normal price, besides 2 to 3 months delayed, being this the reason that Rumbo Explora have decided to offer tours & packages directly to travelers.