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Sun Island, Lake Titicaca

Titicaca Catamaran

Starting from Puno-Peru or La Paz-Bolivia. Daily departures

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Rumbo Explora established as a licensed tour operator in Perú, cradle of andean civilization. We are one of the few tour operators in the in the southern Perú, with 2 legal permits, granted by the Ministry of Foreign Trade and Tourism. Rumbo Explora is focused on non touristy tours in the Peruvian Andes, since we begin to operate all our tours, we have complete control over the quality of our service.

Then in July 2013 we began to operate luxury tours to Lake Titicaca by Catamaran Cruise, in partnership and shared operation with what we consider to be one of Bolivia’s best DMC tour operators, exclusive for our demanding customers. Transturin was founded in 1973 in Bolivia, owner of 4 Catamaran-cruises, 21 vehicles of Land Transportation, Inti Wata complex (underground museum and farming terraces on Sun Island), besides inti wata traditional reed vessel, exclusive for Catamaran clients. Our equipment has been carefully selected, because it is our priority in the success of our operation.

In January 2014, we pioneered luxury tours to the Lake Titicaca, as an initiative of our staff and first partner, owner of two speedboats, fully equipped built by náutica with volvo penta engines, puts at our disposal 2 units, with a capacity of 40 and 20 passengers, starting to offer tours to Lake Titicaca by private speed boats the only ones with a velocity of 24 knots per hour, which led us to be one of the best tour operators in Lake Titicaca region. Our second partner exclusive for our demanding customers, the only one Land Transportation, with circulation card of National Scope and 2 types of insurance (Certificate of Statutory Accident Insurance Transit SOAT, besides has vehicle Insurance Policy to all risks in record), which led us to be one of the best tour operators in the southern Perú, thus surpassing our clients expectations and travel experiences.